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Reina Kraus 1953
Reina in 1953
Reina Kraus 2004
Reina in 2004
Reina Kraus
Portrayed by Iva Hasperger (1953)
Rita Zohar (2004)
Episode Red Glare
Status Alive

Reina Kraus was a side character in "Red Glare".


Reina immigrated to the states from Siberia in 1944 to escape oppression. In 1953, she befriended Elliot Garvey, who she began to have feelings for. They attended integration meetings and began spending time with each other, just talking. Reina admired Elliot's drive but he didn't act on their affection.

Reina was a communist and was on a list of names that the Feds had. As Elliot was unsure about testifying truthfully, his wife Kay began thinking that they were having an affair. Around this time, Reina was also close with Harland Sealey, who had asked her to marry him, but she turned him down. This motivated him to kill Elliot, as Harland was afraid he would out Reina which would get her deported, while also being jealous she preferred Elliot over him.

In 2004, Reina works for a yoga studio.