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Reg Donaldson 1953
Reg in 1953
Reg Donaldson 2008
Reg in 2008
Reg Donaldson
Portrayed by Aaron Gaffey (1953)
Wiliam Dennis Hunt (2008)
Episode Pin Up Girl
Status Alive

Reg Donaldson was a World War II veteran. He spent time in a psych ward in England. He was known for having a temper and pulled out a gun on a drunk once. He spent a lot of time at the nightclub, The Red Curtain, where Rita Flynn's best friend, Betty Sue Baker, danced at.

After coming back from war, Reg was in a dark place and drank frequently. In 1953 while at the club, and with a stripper, Rita took his photo. Reg lashed out at her, fearful she would destroy his marriage. This act made him a suspect in Rita's murder. He did own a gun, a .22, but Rita was killed with a .38. In interrogation, Reg admitted his marriage was already broken by the time Rita took the photo and he overreacted with her.

Rita later sought Reg out to apologize for taking the photo. She asked if he would walk her around a neighborhood so she could take pictures. Reg had taken Rita's picture with some children as they walked and she told him she would show him the photos, but she never did. Rita had confided in Reg that she wanted to quit modeling. Rita pulled Reg out of the darkness he was in. He was at The Red Curtain at the time of her death, drinking.