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Red in 1963
Red in 2007
Red Buckley
Portrayed by John Patrick Jordan (1963)
Wings Hauser (2007)
Episode Boy Crazy
Status Alive

Red Buckley is a side character from "Boy Crazy". He had been a classmate of Dom Barron, Janey Davis, and Samantha "Sam" Randall.

In 1963, Red was dating Janey and was a rival of Dom. He is a lusty man and even in his youth dated multiple girls at once. Red also bullied Sam over her masculine demeanor, including exposing her breasts on her first day at school.

Red and Dom competed in a drag race with Janey as the prize. Red lost but Janey found out that Sam and Dom kissed and told everyone. At school, Red taunted Sam as queer and assaulted her along with his friends, smearing lipstick on her face. Sam was expelled instead of Red thanks to the bigoted principal.

In 2007, Red had still not grown out of his bullying ways. It is unknown what happened to him after the investigation.