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Rayanne Leland in 1998
Rayanne in 1998
Rayanne Leland in 2008
Rayanne in 2008
Rayanne Leland
Portrayed by Diana Scarwid
Episode Spiders
Status Arrested

Rayanne Leland was the mother of Truitt "Spider" Leland, a Neo Nazi skinhead. She was violently racist, but seemed to be a kind mother nonetheless. When Tamyra first met with her, she seemed to be a nice caring woman. After Tamyra tried to flee following Nora Mariposa's murder, Rayanne showed her true colors, and locked Tamyra up. After Elliot helped her escape Rayanne manipulated him into killing her, saying that it would "burn out" his Jewish blood.

Later, after Truitt revealed details about how Tamyra had tried to escape, Jeffries and Miller interviewed Rayanne. Raynanne, realizing that her son had turned on her, decided to cooperate. She admitted that she had locked Tamyra up, but denied killing her. When Jeffries asked her to explain how Tamyra's corspe ended up a mile from her house, she revealed how Elliot had freed Tamyra. She implied that he murdered her, while leaving out her part in ordering Elliot to do it. Neither Jeffries nor Millers bought this, and rightfully accused her of manipulating Elliot into doing her dirty work. Kat asked how she had pulled it off, she mockingly told them "You don't know Elliot. the real one. He's not who he pretends to be. He's weaker." She was last seen being fingerprinted by Det. Miller, and staring with a look of betrayal at her son.

Proxy Victims[]