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Ray Williams
Ray in 2006
Ray Williams
Portrayed by Brennan Elliott
First Appearance Dog Day Afternoons
Last Appearance Saving Sammy
Status Alive

Ray Williams was Lilly Rush's ex-boyfriend.


At some point when he and Lilly were young, they were together. When they were together, they went on a road trip to Knoxville and almost got married. Neither one got off his bike to do so, ending their relationship.

Throughout the years, Ray worked on custom bikes, later becoming the boss of a bike shop.

Ray would come in and out of town and each time he visits, he wanted to get Lilly back but she always rejected him. The first time he returned, he met Scotty Valens and tried to talk him into getting a bike.

In Baby Blues, Ray was sent to the hospital and was visited by Lilly after he called her multiple times.

In Saving Sammy, he and Lilly said their goodbyes.


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