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Ray in 1944
Ray Takahashi
Portrayed by Ian Anthony Dale
Episode Family 8108
Status Deceased (1945)

Raymond "Ray" Takahashi is the primary victim in "Family 8108". He was the father of Billy Takahashi and Barbara Takahashi. He was also the husband of Evelyn Takahashi. Ray was born in America, albeit with Japanese ancestry that put him and his family in Internment Camps in 1942. They abandoned their store in California.

While in the camps, Ray tried to have a positive outlook, with his wife getting pregnant and his son enlisting in the war because of his dad’s actions in the next sentence. Around that time, he locked lips with schoolteacher Mary Anne Clayton in a quick moment of infidelity.

Soon after the Takahashis' extended stay in the internment camps and the birth of Barbara, Mary Anne helped the family start over in Philadelphia. Before then, Ray and Evelyn had gotten the news that Billy died, and it dampened his view of life. He was reduced to selling fruits on the street where was found by Shinji Nakamura, who was also in the internment camp. Shinji had also lost a son in the war and told Ray that Billy can get a medal on the day of the Army Navy game.

This would prove fatal, as Ray then saw as one of Billy's former friends and commanding officer, Eugene "Skip" Robertson, was changed by the war. Angered that Ray would dare ask a medal for his Japanese-descended son, Skip denied his request, saying that the medals were for American soldiers. Ray retorted that Billy was more of an American soldier that Skip would ever be. Angered, Skip socked Ray in the face and stomach, causing him to tumble down the stairs to his death.

At the episode's final moments, he and Billy appear to Lilly Rush, watching over Evelyn and Barbara.