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Ray Bianchi in 1983
Ray in 1983
Ray Bianchi in 2009
Ray in 2009
Ray Bianchi
Portrayed by Lawrence Monoson (1983)
Peter Onorati (2009)
Episode Chinatown
Status Arrested

Ray Bianchi was a narcotics detective assigned to Chinatown. He is a friend of John Stillman.

Bianchi met Jack Chao Lu in 1983 when he caught him pulling a knife on a couple of Dragon Boys. Jack blamed them for the death of his girlfriend, Tam Sung. Bianchi told him that he has listening devices everywhere in Chinatown to build a case against the Dragon Boys. He got Jack be a translator.

Jack found out that Bianchi was being paid off by Bo-Lin Chen to turn a blind eye to his criminal operations in exchange for keeping the gang violence low. The audio surveillance was actually blackmail material just in case Bo-Lin thought of giving Bianchi up to the police. Jack also found out from the surveillance that his brother Ling Lu is in Bo-Lin's pocket, which is what got him killed.

Stillman was the investigating officer in Jack's death. It was thought that Jack's death was drug-related so he called Bianchi out of retirement in 2009. Bianchi claimed he didn't know Jack but further digging proved that they worked together. Stillman pointed out that Bianchi's audio surveillance is enough to put Bo-Lin in jail, but Bianchi just claimed that someone worse was going to replace him anyway. Bianchi gets arrested for corruption and obstruction of justice after testifying against Bo-Lin.