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Raquel Montero 1994
Raquel in 1994
Raquel Montero 2006
Raquel in 2006
Raquel Montero
Portrayed by Shannon Woodward (1994)
Nicole Dalton (2006)
Episode Detention
Status Alive

Raquel Montero is a character from "Detention". She is a classmate of Boris Litvack, Dawn Hill and the victim Trevor Dawson.

Raquel, Trevor and Boris made a suicide pact. She also loved Trevor but the feeling was not mutual. Trevor eventually got together with Dawn, much to Raquel's jealousy. She joined them in the plan to kill Dawn's sexually abusive stepfather, Philip Hill. They all get themselves put in detention, snuck out and stole a gun that was hidden by another student. Raquel and Dawn chickened out however, leaving the boys to confront and threaten but not kill Philip.

Only Boris came back with the news that Trevor killed himself. They then continued to pretend to now know each other.

By 2006, Raquel became a real estate agent and had mellowed out somewhat about her feelings for Trevor. She still did not like Boris or Dawn. At the end of the episode though, she reconciled with Dawn and they set up a memorial for Trevor.