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Randy Price in 1985
Randy in 1985
Randy Price in 2004
Randy in 2004
Randy Price
Portrayed by Samuel Ball (1985)
Michael Paré (2004)
Episode Greed
Status Arrested

Randy Price was one of Charles Danville’s former employees.


Along with Kip Crowley and Beau Munger, Randy was employed at Blaine and Sons before working for Danville. At some point, he became friends with ADA Kite's brother. According to Kite, Randy has always been a "lowlife".


One night after work, Randy was given a ride by Danville, who told him that he was starting a company out of thin air (Nevrex) and convinced Randy to pull away other Blaine employees, which Randy accomplished with Kip and Beau. He was also fully aware that Nevrex was a "boiler room scam" and that Danville was a sexual predator. However, unlike Beau, Randy was willing to let Danville sleep with him to get ahead. Two weeks before Danville's murder, Randy witnessed Stu Livermore threatening Danville's life after losing money on Nevrex. Until 2004, he'd sat on this information in case he ever got arrested for a white-collar crime.

While innocent of Danville's murder, Randy was still arrested for investment fraud.