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Randall Baxter in 1986
Baxter in 1986
Randall Baxter in 2009
Baxter in 2009
Randall Baxter
Portrayed by Sam Henning
Episode Dead Heat
Status Arrested

Randall Baxter is a character from "Dead Heat". Sonny Sandoval raced for him on Firewalker.

Firewalker died in a stable fire but Sonny was aware of Randall's tendency to have horses who don't perform killed for insurance money. Sonny took a dive at the William Penn Million Dollar Derby just to stick it to him. Randall fired Sonny's son José Sandoval for the loss and suffered a heart attack. José blamed his father and killed him.

In 2009, Randall was pointed out as a suspect by Rick Yanko. His insurance scam was exposed and he was arrested.