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Ramiro 1998
Ramiro in 1998
Ramiro 2006
Ramiro in 2006
Portrayed by Gonzalo Menendez
Episode Sanctuary
Status Arrested

Ramiro is a character from "Sanctuary". He was a drug dealer working for Cortez.

Scotty Valens was working undercover for Ramiro as a driver in 1998. Ramiro stole Ana Castilla's passport to make her do more drug runs for him. She stole some of the drugs in return for her passport. Ramiro tried to kill her but she was saved by Father Peralta. Unable to pay back the stolen drugs, Ramiro fled into hiding.

Ramiro was arrested by Scotty in 2006 but he denied killing Ana. He realized Scotty had special feelings for Ana and when the detective interrogated him, Ramiro reproached Scotty for denying it.