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Rafe Gray in 2002
Rafe in 2002
Rafe Gray in 2006
Rafe in 2006
Rafe Gray
Portrayed by John Rubinstein
Episode Willkommen
Status Alive

Rafe Gray is a character from "Willkommen". He is an actor and director. He was the director of the Francisville community theatre production of Cabaret in 2002.

He had Clinton get him a gun because Rafe was auditioning for a role in a cop show on TV. He also brought Dennis Hofferman and Nora McCarthy to lunch so they could meet his agent. In reality, this was a scam and he just wanted to motivate them for the play. However, Nora revealed her selfish ego which soured Dennis on her.

On the premiere night, Rafe's gun was stolen by Lyle and used to kill Dennis so he could replace him.

The episode ends with Rafe doing the same lunch with his agent scam on another actress.