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Rachel in 2006
Rachel in 2007
Rachel Wagler
Portrayed by Ashlee Gillespie
Episode Running Around
Status Alive

Rachel Wagler was murder victim Anna Gunden's best friend. She was more shy and reserved than the bubbly and vivacious Anna. Sadly while the two girls were in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for Rumspringa, Rachel was raped while unconscious by Vince Patrielli, a boy that Anna met and fell in love with. Vince was made to assault Rachel during the party where he met Anna by one of his friends/another partygoer on a dare. Of course, this horribly ruined the potentional relationship the two young would-be lovers could have had. And for Rachel, she became pregnant and also became a teenage mother (at sixteen years old). She would leave and go home in the middle of Rumspringa to gather her thoughts and emotions. There, she would meet a nice young man named Mose Wagler, who would become her husband and would have her and Vince's child, a boy. Mose, still to this day believes that the boy is his. Rachel was also believed to be Anna's killer because of Anna finding out that Vince had hurt her. But Anna's REAL murderer was her and Rachel's friend, Jakob Beachy.