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Rachel Malone 1986
Rachel in 1986
Rachel Malone 2010
Rachel in 2010
Rachel Malone
Portrayed by Lauren Cohan (1986)
Theresa Russell (2010)
Episode One Fall
Status Alive

Rachel Malone is a character who appeared in the episode "One Fall". She is the mother of Tim Malone and the ex-wife of Mick Malone. She is a waitress.

Rachel thought nothing of Mick becoming a pro wrestler in 1986 at first. But then, Mick and Tim seemed to disappear after he took their son to his match in Baltimore. Rachel found Tim alone in the warehouse arena.

Tim told his mom that his dad had died in the match but they found Mick at the docks, seemingly alright. Mick lied to Tim that he was not hurt and wrestling was pretend. Rachel was furious that Mick had left Tim alone and filed for sole custody of their son. She did not know that Mick almost broke his neck and was hospitalized for 12 hours.

Rachel later witnessed Tim jump off from the roof their house to imitate his father. Tim was in a coma for five days. Mick was murdered before their son woke up.

Rachel was considered a suspect when Mick's case was reopened in 2010. She told the detectives about Tim's accident and that she was at the hospital when Mick died.