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Quinn Ellis 1988
Quinn in 1988
Quinn Ellis 2005
Quinn in 2005
Quinn Ellis
Portrayed by Nathalie Nicole Paulding (1988)
Amy Van Horne (2005)
Episode Family
Status Alive

Quinn Ellis was the girlfriend of murder victim Jimmy Tate and mother of Claire Tate.


Quinn was a member of the swim team in high school. Prior to 1988, she got with Jimmy and was raped by Coach Johnson in the locker room. When Quinn learned she was pregnant, she at first thought of getting an abortion. Jimmy borrowed $200 from the coach but after talking to the school nurse, they decided to not have an abortion.

When Jimmy returned the money to the coach, Johnson lied about Quinn being sexually promiscuous, claiming that the baby might not be his. When Jimmy told her about what Coach Johnson told him, she confessed that the coach had raped her, after which a devastated Jimmy broke up with her, much to her heartbreak. Afterwards, Quinn learned that Jimmy had found someone to adopt their baby, though he never told her who.

Their math teacher, Mr. Wyatt, helped the couple by going with them to doctors' appointments as they were minors. Unbeknownst to Quinn, Wyatt and his wife were going to be the ones to adopt the baby.

On June 11th, the night of their senior prom, Quinn gave birth to a baby girl in a bathroom stall. Jimmy promised to be there for them and she waited for him to return. When he never did, Quinn sadly headed into a caretaker's closet and put the baby in the trash, telling her that her mom and dad loved her.

In 2005, Quinn is living in a group home. She is still haunted by the events that transpired in her youth, especially losing Jimmy and Claire. Quinn finally meets her daughter again and learns the truth: Jimmy did want her and would've returned to her and Claire had he not been run over by Mr. Wyatt for reneging on the planned adoption.