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Quincy Bubley 1999
Quincy in 1999
Quincy Bubley 2003
Quincy in 2003
Quincy Bubley
Portrayed by Ryan Osborne (1999)
Farley Jackson (2003)
Episode Saving Patrick Bubley
Status Deceased (2003)

Quincy Bubley was the third son of Maeve Bubley. Like his two older brothers Vaughn and Cedric before him, Quincy was murdered by Miguel Maldonado and his gang, the O’s, in 2003.

Without his elder brothers and his mother strung out on drugs, Quincy turned to drug dealing to support the family. He was shot to death in front of their home on Thanksgiving in retaliation for selling drugs on Miguel’s cousin Jesus Maldonado's corner.

The Bubley brothers' spirits are last seen watching over Patrick as he goes back to school.