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Pruit 1997
Pruit in 1997
Pruit 2007
Pruit in 2007
Coach Pruit
Portrayed by Joseph McKelheer
Episode Stand Up and Holler
Status Alive

Pruit is a football coach and physics teacher at Birmingham High School. He had murder victim Rainey Karlsen, her best friend, Celeste Church, their cheer captain, Becca Abrams, her boyfriend, football player Casey Evans, and outcast Joe Vives-Alvarez as his students during his first year of teaching. Pruit, in 1997, wasn't the best teacher; he would do anything, give anything to his students to have their respect and make them like him due to being unpopular back in high school, even spying on the cheerleaders' locker room hazing ritual with the football team. But Pruit would learn his lesson about "growing up" by Rainey herself when she held him accountable for his actions loud and proud during class one day. In the present, Pruit would be accused of killing Rainey because of her finding out about his unsavory behavior, but the real murderers were found: Celeste and Becca.