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Priscilla Chapin 2005
Priscilla in 2005
Priscilla Chapin 2008
Priscilla in 2008
Priscilla Chapin
Portrayed by Nicholle Tom
Episode Ghost Of My Child
Status Alive

Priscilla Chapin appears in Episode 18 of Season 5, "Ghost of My Child", telling police that she has seen her son, Max, who was previously assumed dead following a fire in their apartment block. The fire was also blamed on Priscilla, who was known to leave her cooker running to generate heat as the heating in the flat did not work.

In the end, it was revealed that Priscilla's counselor, Lois Rabinski, set the fire and kidnapped Max, believing she and her husband could give him a better life than a former drug addict. Priscilla and her son reunited after three years.