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Pops 1979
Pops in 1979
Pops 2004
Pops in 2004
Portrayed by Robert Catrini (1979)
Charles Kahlenberg (2004)
Episode Daniela
Status Alive

Pops (real name unknown) is a character from "Daniela". He was Chris’s overprotective, abusive and racist father. Even Chris' friend Cassie knew about the abuse.

Pops became aware of Chris' strange behavior and followed him to a bad part of town. There he found that his son was going to take some girl named Daniela to prom. He got angry that his son loved someone whom Pops thought was a prostitute and attacked Chris. Daniela defended him but outed herself as transgender in the process. Pops was enraged and forced Chris to renounce Daniela, which he reluctantly did. What Pops did not know was that Chris came back to Daniela but found her dead from a self-inflicted gunshot.

Pops was interrogated in 2004. He hadn't spoken with his son for over 25 years. Pops told cold case team about the confrontation and the corsage, which alerted them that Chris lied that he waited for Daniela at prom--the police suspected he came back to possibly kill her.