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Pierson in 2009
Detective Pierson
Portrayed by James Hanlon
First Appearance Iced
Last Appearance Shattered
Status Alive

Detective Pierson was a Phildalphia Police detective investigating a series of assaults in 2009 and 2010, later attributed to serial rapist Jimmy Mota, whose victims included Belen Hernandez and Rosa Valens, mother of Detective Scotty Valens.


Detective Pierson was called down to Homicide by Scotty Valens in late 2009 after Scotty had left several messages for him at Central. Scotty asked Pierson about a series of purse-snatchings around Daly's Market. Pierson noted a number of similar knock-downs and purse-snatchings of older women in the neighborhoods with some minor injuries, but no positive identification from any of the victims. Scotty asked Pierson to keep him posted.

In early 2010, Pierson called Scotty after Belen Hernandez reported a purse snatching near Daly Market, and permitted Scotty to question the woman.

Though Belen was in denial about the ordeal, Scotty was convinced she had been sexually assaulted, and the same had happened to his mother.

Weeks later, Belen reported to Scotty that she had seen her attacker, Mota, mowing a lawn in her neighborhood. Scotty went to Mota's apartment, where he found driver's licences Mota had collected from his victims. After a violent struggle when Mota walked in, Scotty subdued and arrested him.

Pierson filled out the search warrant afterward to make sure everything was legal and covered for Scotty by claiming the apartment door had been open and Scotty had heard noises inside. While searching Mota's apartment afterwards, Pierson discovered Rosa Valens' licence which had fallen under a radiator, and deduced the real reason for Scotty's interest in the case. He later gave it to Scotty's partner, Lilly Rush to pass on to Scotty, not wanting Scotty's personal involvement with the case to complicate the case.

Pierson later informed Scotty that Mota had accepted a plea bargain to a three to five year sentence at Graterford. Scotty was appalled when Pierson pointed out that he could be released as early as eighteen months with good behavior.