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Piedad Luque in 1998
Piedad in 1998
Piedad Luque in 2009
Piedad in 2009
Piedad Luque
Portrayed by Silvana Arias
Episode Stealing Home
Status Alive

Piedad Luque was the wife of Gonzalo Luque and mother of Andres Luque.


After her husband left Cuba, Piedad filed for divorce, but only did so to protect her family. She was brought illegally to the states along with Andres. The people who brought them refused to bring Gonzalo's parents due to being given other people and wanted more money. Piedad was later set free and informed Gonzalo of what happened.

In 2009, she worked as a nurse. Piedad sees the spirit of her late husband at a little league game where Andres is playing.