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Phoebe Curtis 1989
Phoebe in 1989
Phoebe Curtis 2008
Phoebe in 2008
Phoebe Curtis
Portrayed by Monica Calhoun (1989)
Tina Lifford (2008)
Episode Triple Threat
Status Arrested

Phoebe Curtis is a character from "Triple Threat". She was the vocal coach of Nadia Koslov and taught Nadia to "find her voice". However, Phoebe has a dark secret: she had an affair with with her former drama teacher and now-colleague Elliot Glick. She remained in love with Elliot to obsessive levels, having threatened his second wife with a crowbar which led to his divorce. The awareness that Elliot was becoming attracted to Nadia caused Phoebe to try to poison herself with laced tea out of depression over her unsatisfactory life. However, when Nadia came to her apartment to submit her assignment, Phoebe killed her out of jealousy instead.