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Philip "Phil" Hill is Dawn Hill's sexually abusive stepfather.


In 1994, Phil sexually abused his stepdaughter, which led Dawn to not have boyfriends and only focus on her education until she met Trevor Dawson. Boris Litvack, Raquel Montero, and Trevor were also not strangers to each other and in fact made a suicide pact, but Dawn's ordeal changed this into a murder pact. Their victim was Philip and they got themselves put in detention so they would have an alibi. The girls chickened out, however, leaving the boys to confront Philip with a gun.

In 2009 in interrogation, Philip claimed that Trevor and Boris merely threatened him. He was tied up until morning so he did not retaliate. Philip also denied the sexual abuse accusations against him but Dawn finally stood up to him. Since Philip was not the last person to see Trevor, he was cleared of his death.

Later, he was arrested by the Philly PD for what he did to Dawn.