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Phil in 2006
Phil in 2007
Phil Corado
Portrayed by James Ingersoll
Episode Running Around
Status Alive

Phil Corado was a pharmacist who came to the PPD to identify murder victim Anna Gunden and her best friend, Rachel Wagler, when new information came to light.

In Phil's pharmacy, the always bubbly and confident Anna was curious about what specifically "not Amish people" have what her community doesn't have, like sexy clothing, makeup, jewelry, CDS, radios, and magazines, things that are banned from the Amish community. The shier and more quiet Rachel was there because she needed a pregnancy test, a thing also so unfamiliar and banned from the Amish community. Rachel didn't have money so she tried to steal it, but was caught by Phil himself. Sadly, she was raped by Vince Patrielli, a boy who Anna met and fell in love with.