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Pete Doyle Jr. 1997
Petey Jr. in 1997
Pete Doyle Jr. 2008
Petey Jr. in 2008
Pete "Petey" Doyle Jr.
Portrayed by Gregory Mikurak (1997)
Paul Wesley (2008)
Episode Bad Reputation
Status Alive

Pete Doyle Jr. (or Petey) is a character from "Bad Reputation". He is the son of Jules Murphy and the infamous Pistol Pete.

Petey was visited by his father after Pete got out of jail in 1997. Petey idolized his father and was disappointed to see him working as a janitor in a dive. He approached Pete's old partner, Tommy Connell, about robbing the armored truck driven by Petey's stepfather, Bernie Murphy. Tommy took this idea to Pete, who agreed to it. On the day of the heist, however, Petey was scared away by Pete. He never saw his father again and only heard stories of his various crimes.

It was only in 2008 that Petey found out his father had been dead since 1997 and his crimes were being done by copycats. In the epilogue, Petey sees Pete's spirit while reading his father's letters before leaving home for college.