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Pete Doyle
Pete in 1997
Pete Doyle
Portrayed by John Pyper-Ferguson
Episode Bad Reputation
Status Deceased (1997)

Pete Doyle is the victim in season 5's "Bad Reputation". He was a former notorious stickup man who got his nickname "Pistol Pete" after pistol-whipping a guy into a coma during his first heist when he was only 15 years old. He has a shamrock tattooed on his right hand.

Pete had a relationship with Jules Murphy and sired a son, Pete Doyle, Jr. (or Petey). Pete went to prison in 1985 and promised himself to reform after receiving a letter from Petey. He also gave up alcohol. Pete got out on good behavior in 1997 and became a janitor in some dive.

One day, Pete ran into his old partner, Tommy Connell. Though he tried to resist Tommy's offer of another heist, Pete eventually agreed after Petey had witnessed his father getting harassed by Officer Daniel O'Leary, Pete's nemesis. Pete was even more shocked when Tommy revealed that the armored car heist he was putting together was set up by Petey himself.

The day of the heist, Pete scared Petey into leaving. He and Tommy jacked the armored car as planned but Pete told the driver, who was Petey's stepfather Bernie Murphy, to hit the panic button. Pete didn't run with Tommy but was in fact working with O'Leary to catch Tommy in the act, wanting to leave behind the criminal life for good. What Pete did not know was that O'Leary has been forced to retire due to his brutal tactics and couldn't live on his pension. Thus, he wanted Pete to rob the armored car for real. O'Leary was shocked to find out that Pete not only did not steal the money but showed his face, so he shot Pete to death. Pete's last words were to tearfully proclaim that he is still a good man.

Pete's corpse was discovered by a local hood Manny Hernandez. He chopped off Pete's right hand and charged people to use the fingerprints to frame Pete for their crimes. This comes to an end when Manny is arrested by Eddie Saccardo 11 years later, which leads to Pete's murder being solved and Petey Jr. finally learning the truth about his father. Pete's body has never been found.