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Penny Centavo 1938
Penny in 1938
Penny Centavo 2007
Penny in 2007
Penny Centavo
Portrayed by Serah D'Laine (1938)
Julianna McCarthy (2007)
Episode World's End
Status Alive

Penny Centavo was a friend and fellow taxi dancer of Audrey Metz in 1938 at the Palomar Ballroom.

Audrey started working with Penny to support her family after her husband, Felton Metz, refused to seek help after losing his job. Penny was in an abusive relationship with her fiancé, Crick. One day, he beat and choked Penny when she refused his demand to sell herself for money. Audrey took her to the hospital. Penny eventually became jealous of her friend's romance with the mysterious Will Paige, driving her to tell Audrey the truth about Will's supposedly deceased wife. However, it's unknown how much Penny really knew. When Audrey disappeared soon after, Penny always wondered if what she'd told Audrey had something to with it.

Penny still married Crick and became a widow after 15 years of marriage when he passed away from cancer in 1954.

Decades later in 2007, Audrey's case was reopened after her remains were found. Penny was questioned, and she told the detectives everything she knew about Audrey and Will. After the case was closed, Penny was last seen mournfully looking at an old picture of herself, Audrey, their fellow taxi dancers, and their boss Buzz Moran.