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Paul Shepard 1978
Paul in 1978
Paul Shepard 1998
Paul in 1998
Paul Shepard 2010
Paul in 2010
Paul Shepard
Portrayed by Jonathan Brett (1978-1980)
JB Blanc (1998-2010)
Episode The Last Drive-In, Bullet
Status Arrested

Paul Shepard was a serial killer featured in season 7.


He is the son of Bill Shepard, who owned a drive-in theater but suffered from hard times. The misfortune of the two started to build, and it eventually culminated into Bill shooting himself dead in the basement of their hunting lodge. In a suicide note, it listed the people he blamed for his problems, which turned into a hit list when Paul killed the people mentioned out of revenge, starting out with a kid at the theater who insulted it to Paul's face. He stopped and went on with his life, but when his life in owning a movie store started to crumble, as well as having a baby with his wife, Claire Shepard, he began a new killing spree against the people who wrong Paul as well. Before he could end it at a murder suicide of him and Claire, he was arrested, as well as nearly killed by Diane Yates, an FBI agent who witnessed his first murder and wanted revenge. She relented when she finally accepted Shepard's motives, and Shepard, seeing Bill's ghost, was taken into custody.

Known Victims[]

  • June 17, 1980:
    • Barry Jensen (killed for insulting his father's movie theater)
    • Diane Yates (nearly shot at, but hit Jensen instead; nearly shot again in a subway station in 2010)
  • November 16, 1981:
    • Felicity Andrews (killed for not helping retain a loan for the theater)
    • Nancy Kent (likely also targeted for insulting Bill over the phone, but never attacked)
  • July 24, 1982: Preston Schmall (killed for repossessing his car)
  • July-December, 1982: Tim Hudson (attempted; shot and was left paralyzed; attacked for repossessing his car)
  • September 9, 1983: Fred Norris (killed for denying him bus passage and assuming to be homeless)
  • 2009: Mel Shaver (killed for quitting the shop for a larger business)
  • 2010:
    • Walt Granville (killed to eliminate as a witness)
    • Ned Cotner (stole his truck)
    • Theodore Kutler (killed for struggling to keep up the shop with care and dedication)
    • Tom Gleason (killed for not loaning him money for his movie store)
    • Juanita Renaldo (attempted; shot at in a subway station but missed; attacked for not meeting his demands in prenatal treatment)
    • Lilly Rush (attempted; shot at in the subway station, but missed)
    • Claire Shepard (held at gunpoint and attempted to kill with himself as well; was rescued)