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Paul Romano 1958
Paul in 1958
Paul Romano 2009
Paul in 2009
Paul Romano
Portrayed by David Arrigotti (1958)
John Aprea (2009)
Episode Libertyville
Status Alive

Paul Romano is a minor character from "Libertyville". He was working for his father, Angelo Romano, at Romano Construction in 1958. The Romanos were partners with Kemp and Sons Incorporated. Paul was also wooing Caroline Kemp but he lost her to Julian Bellowes, prompting him to slash Julian's tires in revenge.

Just as the Romanos and Kemps were about to end their partnership, Julian accepted the Romanos' terms on the Kemps' behalf if they gave up their profit share from the Somerton property. Angelo agreed because he thought the property was worthless. Julian would build Libertyville from that worthless piece of land.

In 2009 when Julian's case was reopened, Paul pointed the police toward Harry Kemp as a suspect. He also claimed that he never liked Caroline that much. All he regrets is selling Somerton.