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Paul Cooper
Portrayed by Raymond J. Barry (2009)

Brant Cotton (1976)

First Appearance Wings
Last Appearance Almost Paradise
Status Alive

Paul Cooper was the father of Lilly and Christina Rush by his first wife, Ellen Rush, and of Maggie and Finn Cooper by his second wife, Celeste Cooper. Paul and Ellen divorced around 1976 and he would not see his two elder daughters again for over three decades, until Lilly tracked him down in late 2008. Paul would reconnect with Christina in the spring of 2010.


Paul was born August 10, 1944. When he was 19, he worked construction. He was on a job site on November 22, 1963 when he heard President John F. Kennedy had been shot.

Paul married Ellen Rush at some point during the 60's and they had two daughters together, Lilly and Christina. While it had been insinuated that Lilly and Christina might not have the same father before, it was eventually confirmed he is Christina's father as well. When Lilly was 6 years old, Paul left the family, unable to bear his toxic marriage with Ellen. They were both alcoholics and Paul later told Lilly he couldn't stay with Ellen and survive. Apart from sending Lilly a bike for Christmas when she was a child and a letter when she was 15, Paul disappeared from her life, and she didn't have any direct contact with him until 2008.

Paul admitted later that when that when he got sober enough to realize what had happened, and what he had done to his family, it was too late to undo the damages. Also, Ellen refused to let her ex-husband have any contact with their daughters. Moving on with his life, Paul settled down in Haddonfield, New Jersey, re-married Celeste around 1987, and started another family. They had two children, a daughter named Maggie and a son named Finn.

Paul is also an avid chess player; chess being his favorite game, and, one day, was approached while playing in a park by a now-grown up Lilly. Paul was surprised and delighted to see her again, and made efforts to re-connect, consumed with guilt over leaving her. Having always cared about her, Paul asked Lily about Ellen. Initially, Lilly was unable to face the fact Ellen died, but in the end revealed what had happened to her father and the two visited her grave soon after. Paul would stay in contact with Lilly and later, when Will Jeffries was non-fatally shot in the line of duty, Paul was worried it was Lilly who was the officer injured in the shooting.

However, he continued to lie about his family while knowing Lilly, which caused tensions to flare between the two. Paul then wrote her a letter explaining the reasons for why he had left. His guilt over the fact that he wasn't there to protect her was also stated. Shortly after, Paul was at Lilly's side when she woke up after being pushed forty feet into the river while still inside of her car.

After this, he attempted to have Lilly over for dinner with his family, but she cancelled four times, pretending she had to work. Paul later came down to PPD after having a fight with Finn, who took off after taking his car and some of Paul's money. Paul and Lilly tracked Finn to Atlantic City, where Finn had won a large sum of money, but had allowed Paul's car to be stolen. After returning home, the three argued, particularly after Finn announced his intention to become a cop like Lilly. Celeste then emerged from the house and insisted the four of them sit down to dinner. Celeste dressed the three of them down for their behavior and reminded them they were family, "full stop." Each appeared to get the message, and Lilly began joining family dinners regularly after this.

In 2010, Paul reunited with Christina. When Lilly walked out on seeing her estranged sister, he talked her into meeting up with Christina, asking her to hear the latter out.


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