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Paul Chaney in 1978
Paul in 1978
Paul Chaney in 2004
Paul in 2004
Paul Chaney
Portrayed by Justin Meloni (1978)
Robert Cicchini (2004)
Episode Disco Inferno
Status Arrested

Paul Chaney is a character from "Disco Inferno". In 2004, he operates a hookah store. In 1978, he was a teenager doing odd jobs at Philadelphia's #1 disco club, The Bell, owned by his father, Neil Chaney.

Paul was a bit of a wannabe Casanova trying to score with girls. He tried to get Benny Rosen to teach him a few moves to impress them.

The Cold Case team eventually got Doreen Denova to confess that she convinced Paul to hurt Benny so she could win a dance contest in exchange for sexual favors. Paul broke down during interrogation and confessed that he failed to hurt Benny and he called Paul the worst dancer in Philly (since dancing is connected to sexual prowess, Benny might just as well have called him impotent). Paul shot Benny in the head with his father's gun and then burned the club down to hide the evidence. 22 people died in the fire. Neil was accused of negligence and died heartbroken. Paul was arrested for the murder and the arson.

Known Victims[]