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Patrick Lennox
Patrick in 1963
Patrick "The Rifle" Lennox
Portrayed by Eion Bailey
Episode November 22nd
Status Deceased (1963)

Patrick Lennox is the victim in "November 22nd". After serving in the Navy, he became a pool hustler calling himself "The Rifle". He was on a mission to beat Baltimore Red. Patrick traveled with his road partner, Sharon Lertola, who he calls Blondie.

He then met Hillary Rhodes, who claimed to be his daughter. She is also a good pool player but did not like life as a hustler. Patrick found out later that Hillary was not his real daughter and left her behind in their motel room while he went to finally face Baltimore Red. However, he had a change of heart during the game. Patrick only took $20,000 of his winnings so he could pay his debt, left his pool cue behind and decided to quit to be there for Hill.

On the morning of November 22, Patrick was walking back to the motel when he ran into Blondie. He told her that he was quitting. She angrily implied that she prostituted herself to put up the fee so he could face Red. Patrick tried to give Sharon $5,000 as compensation but she shot him for not understanding her sacrifice. The neighborhood was too distracted by the JFK assassination to notice his murder.

After his case was closed in 2009, Patrick's cue was returned to Hill and she saw his spirit.