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Patricia West 1964
Patricia in 1964
Patricia West 2007
Patricia in 2007
Patricia West
Portrayed by Elizabeth Connors (1964)
Patricia Place (2007)
Episode The Good-Bye Room
Status Alive

Patricia West is a character from "The Good-Bye Room". She is the mother of Hilary West and the wife of Bill West.

Patricia dropped out of college after becoming pregnant to marry Bill, with their daughter being born six months later. She was dominated by her husband throughout their marriage and couldn't stop him from leaving Hilary at St. Mary's in 1964 after she became pregnant by her boyfriend, Huck Oberland. Patricia still visited her daughter there. After learning from Huck that Hilary wanted to keep her baby, Patricia tried to convince her to go through with the adoption for the sake of both her and her child's future.

A couple months later after Hilary's death, Patricia was forbidden by Bill to speak of her again to protect the family's reputation.

In 2007 when Hilary's case was reopened, Patricia was questioned. She eventually gave the detectives Hilary's tape recorder, regretting not standing up for her daughter back then. After Hilary's murder was solved, Patricia got to finally meet her granddaughter, Barbara Lakey.