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Pam Bayer 2007
Pam in 2007
Pam Bayer 2009
Pam in 2009
Pam Bayer
Portrayed by Sylva Kelegian
Episode Lotto Fever
Status Arrested

Pam Bayer (née Dubinski) is the sister of Ed Dubinski. At a young age, Pam and Ed's mother died, and not long after, their father was sent to prison. Pam and Marty (her husband) adopted Ed as their own and taught him how to fix things in the shop they owned. This gave Ed a job at an auto-shop, where he quit in May 2007 after winning 8 million dollars in the lottery. After Ed gave Pam and Ed money, Pam figured she could get him to give her whatever money he had left for a loft renovation project. When Ed refused (he'd blown through most of his millions and only had $100,000), she orchestrated his murder by making her husband kill Ed. The murder went unsolved for 2 years but was reopened after Pam tried to check his account. She was arrested for orchestrating his murder with her husband in 2009.