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PJ Prosser in 1992
PJ in 1992
PJ Prosser in 2004
PJ in 2004
PJ Prosser
Portrayed by Jim Meskimen
Episode Late Returns
Status Alive

PJ Prosser was the "father" of murder victim Vanessa Prosser. He was the only father figure she knew because her real father, Darren Kleeman, her mother Carol's ex boyfriend was out of the picture. He, Darren got Carol pregnant during a romantic-sexual encounter during their school reunion. Awkwardly, this also occurred while Carol was and still married to PJ. To the day she died, Vanessa had no idea about any of this. PJ also didn't that either that the girl he considered his daughter wasn't his daughter. Also, Darren himself because he wasn't involved In their lives; he was living his too. But when he found out that he got Carol pregnant; he originally didn't know and that child would be his, he began to be in their lives, more of his daughter, Vanessa's. But sadly, after she died. That snooping would cause him to also die.