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Oscar Anderson in 1981
Oscar in 1981
Oscar Anderson in 2008
Oscar in 2008
Oscar Anderson
Portrayed by Arye Gross (1981)
Richard Portnow (2008)
Episode The Dealer
Status Arrested

Oscar Anderson is a character from "The Dealer". He used to be the top salesman at Steed Motors and he was the biggest supporter of Donna D'Amico, always sticking up for her at work and acting as her mentor.

In truth, Oscar was not really a salesman anymore by 1981 but a glorified janitor. Frustration at his demotion had made him volatile. When Donna sold a car to one of his customers, he snapped and hit her fatally on the head with a tire iron. He then stuffed her body into the trunk of a 1973 El Dorado and left it in a salvage yard until it was rediscovered in 2008. By then, Oscar had become a telemarketer.

When the Cold Case team questioned Oscar, he lied about his whereabouts and pointed to Sanil Hindocha as a possible suspect. Mickey Thompson, however, told them that Oscar was there the night that Donna was last seen. They find that his 1971 El Dorado had the parts that were missing from the '73 where she was found. Oscar even sent Donna's daughter Marisa D'Amico a Christmas card to make it seem like she ran away. He confessed after getting tripped up about stealing Donna's bonus.