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Orlando in 2005
Portrayed by Ramon Camacho
Episode Joseph
Status Deceased (2005)

Orlando was stabbed to death by Corey Lewis.


Orlando was a teenager staying at the drug rehabilitation centre, Robinson House, run by Ted and Jane Robinson. He was close friends with Crystal Eckersdorf, and a possible romantic interest in her is also alluded to in the episode although it seemed unrequited.

After he learnt from Crystal that Jane was romantically involved with Corey, he confronted Corey. Crystal's recount indicates that he intended to extort or blackmail the pair to guarantee his silence.

Corey attacked him with a knife and stabbed him repeatedly before being interupted by Joseph Shaw. However, his wounds were fatal and he died in Joseph's arms.

At the end of the episode, Orlando is seen by Crystal standing on a bridge and looking down at her. They exchange a smile before he fades away.