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Oliver Calhoun 1999
Oliver in 1999
Oliver Calhoun 2009
Oliver in 2009
Oliver Calhoun
Portrayed by Dash Pomerantz (1999)
Matt Biedel (2009)
Episode Forensics
Status Alive

Oliver Calhoun is a minor character from "Forensics". He was a classmate and fellow debater of Luke Cronin at Maynerd Green High School.

Oliver was the debate partner of Alyssa Lane until he was replaced with Luke. Along with some others, Oliver would give the newcomer a hard time for coming from a poor background and transferring from a public high school because of their envy of Luke's talent. Soon, things would calm down and Luke's new classmates finally began to warm up to him and welcome him into the "Maynerd" family. Mostly because Oliver never cared about debate anyway and only used it so he can get into Brown University.

In 2009, Oliver is a partner in his own law firm where it's indicated he represents some powerful but shady people. He pointed out Luke's friend Ronnie Jacks as a suspect.