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Dr. Leroy 1984
Dr. Leroy in 1984
Dr. Leroy 2007
Dr. Leroy in 2007
Dr. Octavius Leroy
Portrayed by Obba Babatundé
Episode Shuffle, Ball Change
Status Alive

Octavius Leroy is a character from "Shuffle, Ball Change". He was murder victim Maurice Hall's short-lived dance teacher.

They didn't get along at first. Leroy mocked Maurice's lack of experience. In return, Maurice implied that Dr. Leroy could only teach dance because he can't do it anymore (Leroy has to walk with a cane due to injury).

They later meet at Maurice's family grocery and they hash out their differences. Leroy can't technically teach Maurice at his school because he can't afford it so he and Crystal Stacy teach him at the grocery for free in secret. Leroy is impressed by Maurice's grit and determination, and grows to respect him.