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Norm Fawnshawe 1967
Norm in 1967
Norm Fawnshawe 2009
Norm in 2009
Norm Fawnshawe
Portrayed by Matthew Alan (1967)
Brad Greenquist (2009)
Episode The Brush Man
Status Alive

Norm Fawnshawe (or Abnormal Norm) is a minor character from "The Brush Man". He is a Vietnam War veteran whose face was scarred by a land mine explosion. He is a hoarder and a recluse. Joannie Pogue has wanted Norm's rundown house to be demolished and she even pointed to him as a possible suspect in the death of Roy W. Dunn.

Norm did have a minor run-in with Roy in 1967. After Roy disappeared, Norm found his appointment book at the park near the lake he liked so much. In 2009, this book almost got him fingered as a suspect but he instead directed the Cold Case team towards Glenn Drew. Norm is among the people who watch Glenn get arrested for the murder.