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Nora McCarthy in 2002
Nora in 2002
Nora McCarthy in 2006
Nora in 2006
Nora McCarthy
Portrayed by Laura Bell Bundy
Episode Willkommen
Status Alive

Nora McCarthy is a character from "Willkommen". She is a working actress.

Nora joined the Francisville Community Theater production of Cabaret in 2002. She met Dennis Hofferman and the attraction was instant.

This changed later when they were taken to lunch by the director Rafe Gray so they can meet his big-time agent. The agent never showed but they were assured that he would be in the audience. Out of humility, Dennis said that Nora should be signed by the agent. Out of arrogance, she agreed. Dennis soured towards her after this selfish act and decided that this would be his only performance.

A few hours before the performance, Nora approached their cast mate Clinton and tried to get him to hurt Dennis to prevent him from being noticed, but he refused. Unknown to both of them, Lyle overheard the plan and wanted to carry it out so he could replace Dennis. Instead, Dennis was shot dead.

The episode ends for Nora arranging her costumes and circling newspapers ads for acting gigs.