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Nora Lee 1951
Nora in 1951
Nora Lee 2008
Nora in 2008
Nora Lee
Portrayed by Rebecca Mozo (1951)
Maria Cellario (2008)
Episode Shore Leave
Status Alive

Nora Lee was a character from "Shore Leave".

She is the daughter of a dock worker. In 1951, Nora met Jimmy Tully during liberty. She resisted him at first, but soon fell for his charm. Nora gave Jimmy her mother's necklace to pawn so he could help Lenny Snow. He gave her his father's pocket watch as collateral and asked her to see him at the docks before his ship left. They then slept together.

Jimmy never showed up at the rendezvous, leaving Nora heartbroken. She then found out that she was pregnant. A year later, Nora met her husband Ben and he adopted her son, Peter.

In 2008 after Jimmy's murder was solved, Nora returned the pocket watch to his brother, Steve Tully, though it's unknown if she told him about Peter. She then goes to the dock and imagines meeting Jimmy there like he promised.