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Noah Pool
Episode The Hen House
Status Deceased (C.1940's)

Noah Pool was a Dutch Jew who lived in the village of Swalmen before World War II.


Noah and his sisters grew up on the same street as Johanna Hoffman. Years later, Johanna would describe Noah as strong, but also gentle. Anton Bikker, a guard who impersonated him following his death, would admit that Noah had been a far better man than he would ever be, indicating a degree of respect.

When Holland was overrun by the German army, Noah, his family, and Johanna were all sent to Auschwitz. Noah would survive longer than most prisoners there by painting portraits of the guards, including one named Anton Bikker. Noah and Anton would talk for hours while Noah painted, about poetry, music, art, and his American cousins Arthur and David Pool that he hoped to meet someday. Once there were no more people to paint, however, Noah was killed as well. 

After the war in Europe ended, Anton assumed Noah's name and fled to America, where he stayed with Arthur and David. There, he met and fell in love with a female reporter named Lo Kinney. Their romance would be short-lived, however. Johanna, who had survived the camp, and moved to Philadelphia, recognized Anton when Lo showed her a photo. Anton tried to convince Lo to forgive him, but pushed her into the path of a train when she angrily told him she loved Noah, not him.

Anton would continue living under Noah's name until 2006 when detectives investigating Lo's death learned the truth and Anton was arrested.