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No Statute of Limitations

No Statute of Limitations (Без срока давности, translated as Bez sroka davnosti) is a Russian remake of Cold Case produced by Star Media that aired from 2012 to 2014. It has twenty-five episodes, all but four of which are remakes of episodes of Season 1 of Cold Case, with the rest being remakes of episodes of Season 2. It has not been translated into English, or any other language outside of its native Russian.


A group of Moscow Criminal Investigation Department operatives headed by Alla Shatrova specialize in investigating "dead cases" - crimes that for various reasons have not been looked into by the police for many years. Every time new evidence and witnesses appear, Shatrova and her colleagues use everything at their disposal to reanalyze the crimes that were committed many years ago. The team work out old and new versions of events, and bit by bit uncover what really happened, unearthing suspects, and getting them to confess under the weight of overwhelming evidence.

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