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Nick Vera
Nick Vera
Portrayed by Jeremy Ratchford
Daniel Gordh (1989)
First Appearance Look Again
Status Alive

Nick Vera is a detective in the Philadelphia Police Department's Homicide unit. Despite his somewhat uncouth nature, Vera has shown himself to be a formidable investigator.

Early Years[]

Nick Vera was born in the late 1960's. His grandfather spoke Russian, some of which Vera learned, though he would say his understanding was limited to "curses and toasts".

Vera was talented hockey player in high school, something he took pride in, even years later. He scored the the winning goal at the state level and was made MVP. His girlfried in high school was Megan Easton, and was also acquainted with Megan's sister Sloane Easton.

In 1989, Vera joined the police department and was first posted to the 9th District. The night of August 15 of that year, Vera was present when Leo Koslov and his children Nadia and Dmitri Koslov arrived at the station seeking political asylum. As the only officer who spoke any Russian, Vera assisted them, also speaking through the English-fluent Nadia, whom he gave a patch of Philadelphia to add to the collection on her bag. Dmitri was nervous, having only dealt with untrustworthy police officers in Russia, Vera calmed him by offering him a card and promising to help him if he ever needed it. Sadly the Koslov's new life in America would be shattered only four months later when Nadia was murdered. Vera would attend her funeral.

By 1998, Vera had made detective and was investigating a series of rapes, including one in which the victim, Gail Chimayo was murdered. Vera questioned and obtained DNA samples from numerous acquaintances of the women, but found no promising leads. As his frustration with the lack of progess with case grew, Vera became more overzealous, particularly regarding Gail's boyfriend, Bruce Elridge, who did not have a strong alibi for any of the rapes and had refused to submit a DNA sample. Vera interrogated Bruce four times, but nothing came of it, and the DA's office finally instructed Vera not to speak to Bruce any further. The Chimayo case would remain a sensitive subject for Vera for years afterwards.

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