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Nathan Kravet 88
Nathan in 1988
Nathan Kravet 09
Nathan in 2009
Nathan Kravet
Portrayed by David Eigenberg (1988)
John Cirigliano (2009)
Episode Breaking News
Status Arrested

Nathan Kravet is a character from "Breaking News". He met Jane Everett while she was still in Syracuse University. Discovering her potential, he became Jane's mentor and helped her get a job at WCNU-7 where she became co-anchor.

However, Nathan had a dark secret; he was in the pocket of Shaw Plastics. Nathan was called by Shaw CEO Andrew Powers himself to stop Jane from exposing Shaw for letting their employees die from asbestos exposure. He met Jane in a park and killed her when she refused to give up the evidence.

Nathan is still in WCNU in 2009. When Jane's case was reopened, he pointed to her co-anchor Mort Ackerson as a suspect. Powers eventually fingered him as the killer and Nathan was arrested for homicide.