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"Jonsey" in 1939
Nathan in 2004
Nathan "Jonsey" Jones
Portrayed by Adam Weiner (1939)
Geoffrey Lewis (2004)
Episode The Letter
Status Arrested

Nathan Jones (better known as Jonesy) is a character from "The Letter" and the killer of Sadie Douglas.

In 1939, Jonesy was a milkman and a member of a white supremacist group called The Fifth Day. He and Pierce McClintock would harass Sadie on their route. Jonesy, however, was falling in love with her. They exchanged letters for months. Finally, The Fifth Day had enough and decided to hurt Sadie more directly.

Jonesy tried but failed to convince Sadie to leave for New York with him. When the Fifth Day arrived, Jonesy was so beneath suspicion that they thought that he was already attacking Sadie. Despite Jonesy's protests, they pinned her down on a table and gang-raped her. When she started screaming, Jonesy put his hand over Sadie's mouth and ended up killing her in a "mercy killing".

In 2004, Jonesy is living in New York with his grandson. He was fooled by the Cold Case team into confessing by them telling him about a DNA machine that could pin the murder on him. He clarified that Sadie was no prostitute, but a lady. Jonesy was handcuffed and arrested for her death.