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Nathan Hicks 1993
Nathan in 1993
Nathan Hicks 2005
Nathan in 2005
Nathan Hicks
Portrayed by Charlie Bodin (1993)
Bryce Lenon (2005)
Episode Wishing
Status Arrested

Nathan Hicks is the killer of Colin Miller in the episode "Wishing".


Prior to 1993, he began working for Sarah by helping to take care of her mentally ill son Colin Miller since Colin's father was out of the picture. It was initially only a job but he ended up becoming more involved with the family. This included telling Colin about making wishes to solve his problems.

When Sarah was hospitalized, Nathan tried to get custody of Colin but was unsuccessful due to age. Because of this, Nathan and Colin walked one evening by the train tracks. As they walked, he told Colin that his mother needed to be strong not get better, resulting in Colin deciding to stand on the tracks to make the wish. When a train was making its way toward Colin, Nathan stood by and watched as he got hit by the train.

Years later, he was arrested.