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Nate Red Scare Beecher 1986
"Red Scare" in 1986
Nate Red Scare Beecher 2010
"Red Scare" in 2010
Nate "Red Scare" Beecher
Portrayed by Michael Scovotti (1986)
Bobby Ray Shafer (2010)
Episode One Fall
Status Arrested

Nate Beecher (known by his ring name "Red Scare") is a minor character in "One Fall". He was a wrestler for WIC in 1986 with a Communist heel gimmick.

Nate picked a fight with Mick "The Machine" Malone but Mick just shoved him aside. He was fired by Lance Katrola for his drug addiction.

Nate is in jail by 2010. He admitted during questioning that before he got fired, he stole a .44 Magnum owned by Rob "Bear" Jacobs and traded it to "Sweet" Sil Tavern for steroids.

It turned out that Sil gave the gun to Lance, and Lance used it to kill Mick during an argument.