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Natalie Bradford in 1999
Natalie in 1999
Natalie Bradford in 2007
Natalie in 2007
Natalie Bradford
Portrayed by Channing Nichols (1999)
Melinda Dahl (2007)
Episode A Dollar, A Dream
Status Alive

Natalie Bradford is the elder daughter of the murder victim Marlene Bradford and Abby Bradford's sister in the episode "A Dollar, A Dream".


Natalie was a bitter, self-centered girl who believed that her mother left her and her sister, disregarding her duties for them. She had a difficult relationship with Marlene after her father died and they lost everything they owned. However, Natalie shows that she still loved her mother despite their misunderstandings.

Unaware that their mother had been murdered, Natalie and Abby reported to the police that Marlene was missing on Abby's 10th birthday. The sisters were placed in foster care and eventually separated. Abby quickly found a new family but Natalie did not because of her age, which was reason enough to resent her mother even more.

In 2007 when the detectives re-investigating Marlene's case told Natalie what really happened to her, she remained aloof and believed that her mother probably killed herself to escape her responsibilities with her daughters. Despite learning Abby missed her and wanted to see her, Natalie believed she was no good for her sister.

At one point, Natalie was suspected by the detectives when Abby revealed that she was the last person to hold the murder weapon after arguing with Marlene about how she got their car back from Tony without paying for it. Natalie ran off after she was slapped by her mother for claiming she wished Marlene died instead of her father. However, Natalie told the detectives that she and her mother settled their arguments at their former house and she returned the gun to her. Natalie provided the final key to the case when she told the detectives about Marlene mentioning the "finder's fee" when she scratched a "Hope Ticket" which Vincent Hopper had given to her, and needed to pay it to the person who made a deal with her. As a result, Hopper was arrested for murdering Marlene.

In the end, Natalie and Abby were reunited with the help of Detectives Rush and Valens. Together, they saw their mother's ghost for the last time.